Educating the whole person: how PBC provides a comprehensive approach to Christian education

We believe God’s purpose is multi-faceted, as are our students.

We embrace that by supporting each student in a holistic manner that educates who they are as a whole being, as part of our commitment to delivering Kingdom-focused Christian education and theological studies.

If you’re wondering how we can help equip you to serve God’s purpose in your generation while supporting your broader growth and development, read on to find out more.

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Our commitment to educating the whole person

PBC’s approach works on the understanding that ministry comes in all shapes and sizes – and not just on Sundays.

So, too, do our students.

This overarching belief underpins each of our courses and allows us to teach the whole person. Students receive an in-depth learning journey that not only informs and educates but invites them to further develop their multi-faceted selves.

We have designed our curriculum this way because we believe Christian education should cultivate well-rounded development, not just in the chosen area of student learning.

So, we seek to teach across many areas: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – even morally and ethically.

While there’s high importance and focus on cognitive thinking, analytical capabilities and problem-solving in courses such as our Master of Theology or our Bachelor of Ministry, students are also invited and encouraged to study themselves across every dimension.

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How do we integrate faith and learning?

This careful intertwining of religious principles with academic pursuits is what enriches our students’ time with us. By catering to their personal and professional development, they can gain more clarity around their goals, desires and chosen pathways.

Studying with PBC is more than just getting an education. We have worked hard to create a welcoming atmosphere that gives students the courage and room to explore and question their pathways, as well as their understanding of faith and their relationship with God.

With highly knowledgeable tutors and lecturers who support students in engaging, thoughtful discussions about faith and spirituality, our campus is one of acceptance, growth and critical thinking.

We find this is the ideal way to create a healthy atmosphere for students, giving them a sense of direction, encouraging them with effective communication and promoting a sense of oneness and connection with themselves but also their cohort and teaching team.

PBC creates empowered Christian leaders

We have designed our faith-based curriculum to provide all students with a comprehensive, well-rounded Christian education.

Our courses, from the various undergraduate courses right up to our Masters programs, allow students to graduate with the ability to apply their beliefs and learning to various academic pursuits and professional contexts.

Students are also able to develop a strong moral compass, while thinking critically about their faith and relationship with God.

Further, it prepares them to become strong leaders in their community and empowers them to make a positive impact.

These empathetic leadership skills are particularly beneficial for those students who are seeking a rewarding career that serves others in His name, such as chaplaincy or counselling.

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Explore your future with PBC

We recognise each and every student is on a different journey. As such, we have a number of pathways to suit our students’ varied requirements.

Whether you’re considering studying with PBC to further your education or to create an ideal Christian career pathway (either on campus or online in our hybrid learning environment) you’ll graduate having experienced a rich, empowering learning journey, supported by the highly knowledgeable PBC team.

For anyone looking to develop a deeper understanding of their faith through Christian-based education while learning the skills and strategies required to develop fully as a person, contact us today to start exploring.