Studying with PBC: empowering Christian leaders through gospel education

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PBC’s vision is to meet the world with the gospel and equip the everyday Christian to advance the mission of Christ in whatever context they are called to.

We’re committed to helping students develop both spiritually and academically, empowering them to service others with integrity, courage, conviction and love.

Through our approach to biblical and theological education, offered in a variety of educational programs, we hope to equip churches and Christian organisations with a qualified and effective workforce that develops faithful leaders.

So, what do we offer our students?

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An unmatched quality of student care

At PBC, we firmly believe that community is the backbone of our institution. Everyone deserves to be a part of a supportive and nurturing community, regardless of their location or circumstances, and we strive to provide that for every student.

We understand the importance of fostering a sense of belonging among our students, both on campus and online.

We provide a wide range of activities and initiatives aimed at creating an enriching experience for all students.

Our on-campus community participates in weekly devotions, community lunches and numerous events organised by the Student Council. This gives students a holistic education and ample opportunities to learn and grow beyond the classroom.

For our online community, we have tailored our approach to ensure that they too can enjoy the richness of the PBC experience.

Online students have the flexibility to participate in virtual classroom discussions, online study groups and regular informal online devotions. Additionally, they can join in on ‘Cuppa in the Upper Zoom’ sessions with the deans and their peers.

Studying with PBC empowers you to have an experience that not only helps you excel academically but also helps you grow as an individual.

“I initially enrolled in a Diploma of Ministry in my gap year then was so excited by how God used that time to grow and shape me that I ended up completing a Bachelor of Ministry, majoring in cross-cultural mission.

As a graduate of PBC with a Bachelor of Ministry degree, I can attest to the transformative power of studying at this institution. I feel grounded in my faith, clear in my calling and confident in my ability to engage with all walks of life. The skills I learned are transferable and have enabled me to become a better leader, problem solver and critical thinker.”

Tia Burton, Bachelor of Ministry alumnus

Flexible learning opportunities that suit your needs

We provide a Christian education that we consider to be an essential foundation for practical ministry. Our goal of making Christian education more accessible to anyone who feels called to pursue it means we need to remain both agile and flexible to student needs.

This has encouraged us to provide students with the opportunity to access highly flexible learning options and study pathways. We offer on-campus, online or hybrid lessons, so no matter where you are, you can join us.

To make it even easier, students who are Australian citizens can access FEE-HELP, and full-time students may be eligible for Austudy or Youth Allowance. We’re also a CRICOS-approved overseas provider, meaning overseas students can study all courses full-time too.

Industry partnerships and values

PBC recognises a global need for more effective servants of the gospel, and for Bible-based ministry and theological training programs that could prepare people to engage with what God is doing in the real world.

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Collaborating with the Australian College of Christian Studies and supported by partnerships with organisations such as Reventure and Waverley Abbey College, we provide an educational experience that enriches both our students and staff, with a focus on placing the student at the centre of everything we do.

Our comprehensive program incorporates classroom learning, hands-on experience and practical application of biblical principles.

We are evangelical

We are deeply passionate about serving God and fulfilling His mission of spreading the message of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

We are interdenominational

We believe in equipping our students with the foundational knowledge, tools and skills they need to think critically and engage with varied perspectives and theological traditions.

We are ministry oriented

Our studies contain a high level of biblical academic education, and we are committed to maintaining this high standard as an essential foundation for practical ministry.

Start your training in Christian education today

We have designed our courses to deeply explore biblical theology whilst grounding our students in practical applications, and we deliver them in various formats such as online, on-campus and hybrid.

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