Graduate Diploma of Counselling

The Graduate Diploma of Counselling is designed for those who wish to exit the Master of Counselling prior to attaining the requirements for that award. Graduates must have completed 72 credit points (8 units) in the Master of Counselling in order to be eligible for the award. The offer of the Graduate Diploma of Counselling recognises that graduates have been equipped with advanced theoretical knowledge and practice-based counselling skills.

Perth Bible College (PBC) is a member institution of Sydney College Divinity (SCD) and offers its Graduate Diploma of Counselling as of January 2024. SCD is a TEQSA-accredited Australian university college.


Study Load


Flexible Study Mode



Full time: 1 year
Part time: 8 trimesters

This award is not open to admissions. It is only available as an exit award for students who are enrolled in the Master of Counselling and have completed 72 credit points of study and who do not wish or are unable to complete the Master of Counselling.

This course is not available for Overseas Students.

Satisfactory completion of 72 credit points (8 units) from 8100 and 9200 series units in the SCD Schedule of Units of Study.

To find out units available for the Graduate Diploma of Counselling, visit Master of Counselling.

Enrolment process

Before the beginning of each semester, each student shall apply for enrolment via the PBC Online Enrollment system or by completing and lodging an Enrolment Form, obtainable from the Student Office.

The Dean of Students and the Dean of Studies will arrange enrolment appointment days for enrolling new and returning students. These meetings will allow students to receive advice on which units to enrol in, ensuring they will meet the requirements of their course.

Enrolment forms must be completed before attending lectures for that semester. All enrolments must be finalised by the census date. Students cannot add new units or transfer between units after the census date.

Students may apply to change their course enrolment at the beginning of a new semester up until the census date.

Students must complete an Application for Change of Enrolment form to make such an application. Students must meet the requirements outlined in the Course Articulation and Change of Course Policy to qualify to change course enrolment.


PBC may permit the deferral of a course enrolment of a student in some circumstances as outlined in the Enrolment – Domestic Students Policy and Enrolment – Overseas Students Policy.

Fees and charges

PBC’s most current fee structure can be found on the Course Fees page.

Academic requirements

Please carefully read the academic requirements as listed on the award that you are interested in pursuing.

Student support is an important aspect at PBC.

We take our students’ success in their studies seriously and understand that good student support requires a holistic approach. As a result of our commitment to our students, we have consistently been ranked above 90% for the student support aspect in the national Student Experience Survey facilitated by the QILT team.

Read more about Student and Campus Services.

Access and equity

PBC does not discriminate in the admission and access to its programs and activities based on disability, age, sex, race, colour of national or ethnic origin.

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