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Is it “all Greek to you”?

BRUSH UP YOUR GREEK AND ENRICH YOUR PREACHING: For all Pastors who have let their Greek slide, come and join the Greek Review and Reading Class at Perth Bible College.

In this class we will be working through Dobson’s inductive approach to learning Greek to recap on some possibly lost knowledge. We will also be looking at some translation theory.

By reading the text in class and utilising free electronic software that employs Louw and Nida’s Semantic Greek Lexicon, students will be equipped to do a structural analysis of the original text. This is a great opportunity to press “reset” on your use of Greek. PBC will allow you to attend as an audit student, meaning that it will only cost you a minimal amount.

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PBC is still accepting enrollments for second semester 2016. We would love to have you join us.

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PBC AGM Highlight

Earlier this month, PBC had it’s AGM, where we celebrated a combined 30 years of service from Dr. Andre van Oudtshoorn (20 years), and principal David Smith (10 years). The school is blessed and thankful to have such fine men leading the college.



Building and Equipping Believers who All Love Muslims

An opportunity to learn about and love our Muslim neighbours. See PDF link for details (BALM conference 16).

Pastors Invitation to Learn NT Greek
Perth Bible College would like to invite pastors who wish to learn or brush up on their Greek to join the class at PBC on Wednesdays from 2p.m. to 4.30 p.m (beginning 24th February). This is being offered at the AUDIT PRICE of $200! These classes are great fun with most learning happening in the classroom context. After the first semester you will have obtained a rudimentary knowledge of Greek grammar along with some basic translations. Do not miss out on this unique opportunity!
Simply call the college at (08) 9243-2000 or contact ‘’ or ‘’ for more information.