Student and Campus Services

Student support is an important aspect at PBC.

We take our students’ success in their studies seriously and understand that good student support requires a holistic approach. As a result of our commitment to our students, we have consistently been ranked above 90% for the student support aspect in the national Student Experience Survey facilitated by QILT.


The Orientation Day activities help new students to meet staff and returning students, and to settle into college life.

Students discussing inside a library

New students are guided through all aspects of academic and campus life on Orientation Day when they receive:

  • a library orientation tour
  • an IT, Zotero and PBC Online support tour
  • a Student Handbook
  • a Getting Started Guide for New Students
  • The Keys to Computing containing IT support, Library and PBC Online instructions for accessing course information and submitting assignments, and a Using the PBC Wireless instruction guide.

Students are guided through accessing the Student Portal, which makes a variety of support services and systems readily available to them.

Additionally, during Orientation Day, students are made aware of:

  • the respective institution’s policies and procedures that govern all students enrolled in an ACCS course
  • ACCS information that is available for domestic students from
  • contact details for associated responsible people for ACCS
  • the designated first-contact for students being the Dean of Students
  • the designated contact for all students who need academic support, being the Academic Tutor
  • the need to discuss academic concerns with the Dean of Studies as regularly as required and that referral to third-party services are an option
  • PBC’s reciprocal arrangement with Murdoch University, giving students free access to their library
  • the different options available for pastoral care when required
  • travel arrangements: PBC students are walking distance from the Karrinyup Shopping Centre and bus stops close to the campus; therefore, it is possible for students to get around Perth without the need for a car.

For more information on the orientation program, please visit the Orientation Page.

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Academic support

PBC is committed to assisting students to complete the units they enrol in.

Students who require additional academic support are often identified during the enrolment process. They may be enrolled provisionally, in which case they need to enrol in CE504 Study Ready.

This unit is also recommended to students who may benefit from them, even if they are not enrolled provisionally.

This unit interacts with other first-year units to help students engage with various assessments. There is also a free, timetabled weekly Study Ready Tutoring session made available to all students who may be struggling with understanding how to approach research and writing assessments.

In addition, lecturers are readily available for appointments, and students can contact them at any time for academic assistance.

Students who fail assessments are given the opportunity to resubmit them, having gained the benefit of written lecturer feedback.

As outlined in the Student Assessment Policy, students are also given the opportunity to re-sit an exam if failing the exam has resulted in failure of the unit.

If a student is identified as “At Risk”*, they may be required to access support, as advised by faculty, to improve their results.

The Dean of Studies examines student progress at the end of each trimester.

The Dean of Studies work with the Dean of Students when students re-enrol for the next trimester, which provides an opportunity to review any academic issues that surfaced in the previous trimester and includes discussions and recommendations to strengthen the student’s progress.

*for PBC students, see Student Course Progress Policy and Student Course Progress Procedure; for ACCS students, see Progress, Completion and Attendance Policy and Procedure and Students at Academic Risk Policy and Procedure).

Pastoral care

As part of our commitment to training, equip and form people for effective Christian ministry, PBC is committed to pastorally caring for the students studying at the College. The designated first contact for all care matters is the Dean of Students, who will refer all matters appropriately.

Two women sitting on the couch, talking

Pastoral care within the college environment is provided via:

  1. One on one sessions as requested and available with a professional counsellor at a student discounted rate
  2. One on one sessions as requested by students
  3. One on one sessions as requested and available with the Dean of Counselling
  4. One on one sessions as requested by faculty advisors
  5. One on one sessions as required as part of a unit of study
  6. One on one sessions as required as part of PBC’s Personal and Ministry Formation monitoring.

PBC also recognises that an additional source for the pastoral care of students is the local church and that we are called to operate in partnership with the local church.

As part of this partnership, PBC requires each student to nominate a local church and a leader in this church who will be responsible for their pastoral care in their church setting.

As personal issues in the lives of students may affect not only their studies at PBC, but their ministry in the local church, PBC must retain the right, where deemed appropriate, to share the communication of students with the student’s nominated local church leader, or other faculty members at PBC.

If it is deemed that the communication of the student is required to be shared with either other faculty or the student’s nominated local church leader, the student will be informed by PBC that this will be the case prior to any notification of the third party.

Students wishing to be counselled on a professional and confidential basis may ask to be referred by PBC to a Christian counselling service.

PBC will refer students needing to be counselled on a professional and confidential basis to a Christian counselling service.

Two students talking to professor

Mental health and learning support

PBC strives to accommodate various access needs for its students.

Prospective students are invited to supply information on the application for admission form relating to any particular learning needs, disability, impairment or long-term medical condition which may affect their studies.

They are given the option to receive advice on support services, equipment and facilities that may assist them.

The Dean of Students liaises with all other relevant third parties to ensure individualised care plans for academic and emotional support are implemented and maintained for those where special learning needs, mental health or specific physical health issues are identified.

The Student Support Policy and the Mental Health Strategy and Implementation Plan further outline details on mental health support for PBC students.

For ACCS students, please refer to the Student Support Services Policy and Procedure, Diversity and Equity Policy and Procedure, and the Safe and Well Factsheet.

Additionally, students can contact the Mental Health Emergency Response Line on 1300 555 788 (Perth metropolitan) or Disability Services online on

Health and medical services

The following basic information was correct at the time of publication, but more up-to-date contact information should be accessed via the Internet:

Hospital Emergency Departments

Medical Centres:

Distance from PBC
St Luke Medical Centre 1.3km 1/57 Burroughs Road, Karrinyup, WA
Stirling Lakes Medical Centre 6.2km 1/734 Karrinyup Road, WA
Seacrest Medical Centre 7.2km 28 Seacrest Drive, Sorrento, WA


Hospital emergency departments:

Depending on the level of urgency, to avoid long waiting times, check in real time how busy EDs are in comparison to one another.

Distance from PBC
King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women 14.3km 374 Bagot Road, Subiaco, WA
Royal Perth Hospital 15.1km 197 Wellington Street, Perth, WA
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital 17.3km Hospital Avenue, Nedlands, WA
Perth Children’s Hospital 17.6km Hospital Avenue, Nedlands, WA
Joondalup Health Campus Emergency Department 22.5km Corner of Grand Boulevard & Shenton Avenue, Joondalup, WA

Phone and online services

Health and Wellness Services
Health Direct Australia a 24-hour health advice service by registered nurses 1800 022 222
24-hour Emergency Contacts Crisis Care Helpline, Lifeline, Sexual Assault Resource Centre, etc. 1800 199 008 or 9233 1111

Critical incidents

In case of a critical incident PBC follows the policy and procedures outlined in Critical Incident Management Policy and Critical Incident Management Procedure.

After hours emergency assistance can be sought from the Dean of Counselling on 08 9243 2002, the PBC Principal on 08 9243 2003, the ACCS Principal on 0408 967 720 (all Bachelor of Counselling students), and/or the Property Manager on 08 9243 2004.

For ACCS students, please refer to the Critical Incident Policy and Procedures.

Sexual assault or harassment services & support

PBC is a community-centred, faith-based higher education provider. We believe that community is a primary means for personal transformation and foundational for healthy church ministry.

To facilitate this, part of our training includes being part of a transforming community.

PBC, therefore, believes that members of this community will feel safe and respected, thereby contributing to both preventing sexual assault and sexual harassment and dealing in a caring manner with incidents that may occur.

The practices, policies and procedures that underwrite this belief are outlined in the Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Policy and its associated procedure, with students completing a mandatory online SASH Module via the online learning management system.

For ACCS students, please refer to the Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedure.

After-hours emergency assistance can be sought from the Dean of Counselling & Pastoral Care on 08 9243 2002, the Principal on 08 9243 2003, and/or the Property Manager on 08 9243 2004.

Students can also access the Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC) at or on 1800 199 88 or 08 9340 1828 for free medical, forensic and supportive care, including a free counselling service and an Aboriginal Liaison Officer.

Emergency services

Emergency 000 For life-threatening situations requiring police/ambulance/fire & rescue services
SES 13 25 00 State Emergency Services (SES)
Police Assistance 131 444 When police attendance is required
Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000 Report crimes anonymously
Police Direct Reports, applications and payments
Sexual Assault Resource Centre 1800 199 888 or 08 9340 1828 For free medical, forensic and supportive care to people who have been sexually assaulted or sexually abused in the past two weeks.


Safety and security

The following basic information was correct at the time of publication, but more up-to-date contact information should be accessed via the Internet:

Safety & Security on campus

College car parks are located close to the main Administration area and lecture rooms and are clearly lit in the evening.

Likewise, safety is ensured as residential students live adjacent to car parks and are aware of disturbances.

The PBC campus contains a number of self-contained units, which are provided for student accommodation.

Students are made aware that campus life is a privilege and is to be seen as an integral part of their and their family’s spiritual and ministry formation. In many ministry situations, community living is part of the work situation.

All students are encouraged to treat College units as they would someone’s private dwelling and respect the privacy of residents.

This includes not entering these units without the invitation of the residents.

Student units contain a lounge area for the relaxation and recreation of the students living in that unit. Single students are free to invite visitors of the same sex to their units and use the lounge area for entertaining provided that the other occupants are not inconvenienced, e.g. through loud talking during study times, etc.

When a single student wishes to invite a person of the opposite sex to visit their unit, whether that person be part of a group or by themselves (e.g. their mother or father), the permission of the other members of the unit is required.

A single student is not to be alone in the unit with another person of the opposite sex, nor is a person of the opposite sex to be in a student’s bedroom.

Residential students require the prior approval of the College Administrator for a visitor (guest, friend or family member) to stay at the College overnight.

Legal Advice

If you need access to external bodies for legal advice on an academic matter, please consult the Complaints, Appeals and Opportunities for Improvement Policy and accompanying procedure.

For other forms of legal advice contact, please contact the WA police at or Legal Aid Western Australia at


Because PBC is inter-denominational, students and staff need to be tolerant and understanding of the denominational doctrinal distinctives, policies and practices of all students.

We should all seek to edify others and not pull them down. (1 Cor 8:1, “Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up.”)

Different races gathered in one group happily talking

Equal opportunity & harassment

PBC does not discriminate in the admission and access to its programmes and activities based on handicap, age, sex, race, colour, or national or ethnic origin.

PBC does not discriminate based on gender but affords equal opportunities for both men and women in service, employment, training, leadership and teaching.

Graduation hat placed on top of coins in a glass

Financial assistance

FEE-HELP is a student loan scheme for which you may be eligible. To find out if you qualify, visit

Although there are no full fee-paying scholarships available for beginning students, the college does offer work contracts for which all full-time students are eligible to apply. Work contracts enable students to subsidise their fees in exchange for performing certain cleaning, library, or maintenance duties around the campus.

Continuing students receive the Graham D. Michie Scholarship and the Overseas Student scholarship annually.

Students can apply for a study grant from the Concerned Christian Growth Ministries Charitable trust under the guidance of their lecturer.

The Scarborough Christian Service Fund allows PBC to use interest earned on an investment loan to be distributed to deserving students to provide funds towards college fees.


Employment rights & conditions

You can access information on your employment rights and conditions in Australia and how to resolve workplace issues through the Fair Work Ombudsman’s website at

Career exposure

During study, students may be involved in ministry practicum.

In ministry practicum, students are expected to be involved at a leadership level.

This might include involvement with a coordination or leadership group for a ministry area, regularly leading a ministry area, planning and running an event, etc. These activities form a framework for the discussion of the student’s spiritual development and service and provide a reference to future employers.

Ministry Forums are often held throughout the semester and can consist of either a visiting missionary or ministry worker sharing their experience and about the ministry they are involved in, a panel discussion about varied areas of ministry, or a small devotion.

These forums not only provide a broad overview of what God is doing in the world but also provide contacts from a range of areas that may offer employment opportunities.

Additionally, PBC is continuously seeking partnerships with external organisations to ensure industry relevance and provide avenues for graduate success.


The PBC facilities include a number of self-contained units.

These units are either one, two or three-bedroom units and can be supplied with or without furnishings. PBC can accommodate single students (typically shared living arrangements, one student per bedroom), married students and families, depending on the availability of units.

PBC can provide basic furnishing for units if desired. Furnishings include a washing machine, refrigerator, cooking facilities & implements, essential kitchen items (crockery and cutlery), beds, lounge chairs, built-in wardrobes and a study desk. Residents do need to provide their own bedding and personal items.

For more information, see the PBC Campus page.

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