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Why Study Christian Counselling at PBC?

Because of the people.
Colleges don’t teach classes – people do.
Schools don’t supervise students – people do.
Training providers don’t nurture faith – people do.

Counselling Open Lecture [August 2023]

Based on the outcomes of his PhD research, Dr Shannon Hood facilitates a discussion about the appropriate use of spiritual and religious interventions (SRIs) such as prayer and the scriptures by professional counsellors.

He explores the evidence in support of using SRIs and gives guidance on when it is ethically appropriate to use them. To help the discussion, some helpful definitions are provided along with a list of SRIs that every Christian Counsellor should be competent with. All of this includes plenty of examples of how-to (and even how-not-to) use SRIs from real-life work with clients and supervises.

More open lectures and Professional Development sessions will be offered throughout the year.

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Study Christian counselling at PBC

At PBC we have carefully curated our Christian counselling course options to ensure a dynamic learning experience that is theologically rich, practically relevant and expansive in knowledge.

Graduates are eligible to become registered Christian counsellors through the Australian Counselling Association (ACA).

Our PBC counselling team members are multidisciplinary educators who are theologically trained and possess extensive industry experience.

What makes us different is how we support our students – on campus and nationally. We are as committed to your career in counselling as you are.

Here are some other things to consider:


PBC has been delivering Christian Counselling training since 1992.


Our team boasts a wealth of expertise, comprising registered counselling professionals. Among our team are Dr Shannon Hood and Dr David Michie. Both are highly sought-after clinical practitioners and academic leaders in the counselling industry.


PBC maximises credit for students coming from other training providers.

Students who have completed an accredited Diploma of Counselling may apply for the RPL towards the Bachelor of Counselling.

PBC ensures that students who have partially completed prior awards in counselling get full credit for all completed units.

Diploma of Counselling

Bachelor of Counselling

Graduate Diploma of Counselling

Master of Counselling

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“The thing I loved most about PBC was the environment. We have a Christian community on campus, support from the lecturer, lovely students and fellowship. It has encouraged me to feel part of the community.”