Why student support is important for studying theology & Christian Counselling

PBC is committed to each student, whether online or in person, as we believe our students are diverse in culture, age, life experience and educational levels and support needs to be personalised to each student’s specific needs.

“We can’t ask students to minister and care for others if we have not cared for and supported them while they are getting trained,” says Stephen Poisat, Principal, program coordinator and lecturer for Pastoral Care and Counselling at PBC.

What is unique about PBC student support approach

At PBC, we want students to be equipped to serve God’s purposes in our generation.

This means we need to discern the times we live in and understand that we are not here only to deliver knowledge, information and ministry skills but also to provide a real-life experience of what a caring, relational ministry looks and feels like in practice.

The staff and faculty team at PBC connect with students and support them in various ways, whether online or on campus. These support strategies include weekly community lunches, chapel services on campus and Student Council events.

Christian connection is key

Lecturers encourage student discussions with online and face-to-face students during lunch periods, and in tea breaks during online lectures, whether in the morning, afternoon or evening.

“In proportion to student numbers at PBC, we have a large number of well-equipped staff and faculty serving on the pastoral care team. There is always someone available to students when they need support or encouragement and guidance in any form,” says Steve.

Students at PBC also have access to affordable, in-person professional counselling on campus or online.

Personal tutoring sessions are also available for students who would like additional academic support at no cost.

“Our lecturers maintain an ‘open door’ policy to students to pop in during office hours, including sessions via Zoom,” Steve adds.