The PBC Life

PBC equips students to think deeply about Christ, His Word and the world. We are committed to serving Him with integrity, courage, conviction and love.

Thinking Service

We carry out all our courses under the banner of THINKING SERVICE. This means that we integrate all academic studies with practical ministry and life transformation.

Learning Focus Points

At PBC, as well as nurturing students for their own growth and ministry, we empower and equip them with the tools and skills to train and develop others in their faith and ministry.

Embedded in our training are the following three core components that we believe are essential in preparing our students for a life of serving Christ.

Encounter (Knowing God)

We aim at providing students with the opportunity to encounter the living God by way of worship, prayer, community, and through having a solid understanding of his revelation to us in Scriptures.

Students will also be taught to interpret God’s Word faithfully and theologically.

Embody (Reflecting Christ)

PBC provides constant opportunities for the training to impact our students’ lives, so they are not only informed but transformed to reflect more of Christ’s character.

This occurs by engaging with the course content, the College community life and practical involvement in various ministry fields.

People Attending Bible Study

Engage (Serving with love)

We prepare students for a Biblical ministry. This enables them to view people with eyes of faith, to offer themselves in authentic relationship and service, to understand the reality of this world, and to engage the world with God’s love.

Students are equipped to be effective communicators of God’s truth in many contexts and given the relevant practical skills for a life of ministry.

Our Distinctive Strengths

Ministry Options

Both the Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses at PBC offer the students ministry learning opportunities in four ministry specialisation areas.

professor talking in front of he students

This allows the students to achieve the desired outcomes for the ministry field that God has called them to.

  • Pastoral ministry
  • Pastoral Counselling
  • Missions
  • Contemporary Chaplaincy

Many of PBC’s courses allow for students to take elective units from the different ministry fields to structure their course to best suit their ministry outcome desires.

Practical Learning Environment

PBC offers students an environment that encourages involvement with ministry as they become a part of the College community.

The College community provides students with opportunities to participate in small student discussion groups outside of the classroom, lead devotions, share in ministry forums and actively serve one another.

Units (as much as possible) provide opportunities for students to put what they learn in the classroom into practice.

The Bachelor of Ministry and the Master of Divinity courses include practical placement components. Over a number of years, PBC has also conducted overseas mission trips and plans to continue offering this opportunity to students to provide a wider exposure to the work of missions around the world.

The PBC Community

At PBC, we believe that community is key. For this reason, we intentionally develop the community at the College, aiming to provide students with more than just an education, but an experience designed to ensure they flourish.

To accomplish this, PBC utilises a range of activities, including weekly devotions, community lunches and a range of events coordinated by the Student Council.

It is imperative that our online community feel a sense of belonging and experience the richness of the PBC community, even from afar. Online students have the freedom to participate in virtual classroom discussions, online study groups, regular informal online devotions, and can enjoy ‘Cuppa in the Upper Zoom’ with the Deans and their peers.

Community meals

During the academic term, PBC provides a community lunch for its students and staff. At these lunches, students, staff and campus guests are encouraged to share a meal together and build relationships with one another, strengthening the community at PBC to ensure each student has an opportunity to develop their peer support networks further.

Student writing down notes while listening t online class


Technology has played a significant role in life at PBC since COVID-19, forcing the College to expand its online capabilities.

The College uses technology to connect online and offline students to encourage social connection outside of the classroom. We do this via regular Zoom coffee catch-ups or face-to-face catch-ups on campus.

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“The thing I loved most about PBC was the environment. We have a Christian community on campus, support from the lecturer, lovely students and fellowship. It has encouraged me to feel part of the community.”