Find a Course to Explore Your Personal Faith

At the heart of biblical and theological training is the desire to know God and His Word in a way that enables you to effectively engage in whatever ministry you have been called into.

And PBC seeks to quench this desire, regardless of your stage of life.

Are you wondering what your calling is? Have you found yourself asking ‘why’ when reading your Bible?

Ever been confused about what’s been written in the Word? Want to improve your understanding and explore your personal faith through biblical and theological study?

Open Bible on wood

The Bible is a treasure waiting to be explored

At PBC we don’t teach you what to believe, but how to think deeply about God, His Word and the world in a way that is tailored to your context. We do this by providing foundational knowledge, tools and skills so that you can approach God’s Word with a well-developed, theological framework.

Our students come from various backgrounds and are drawn together by their love for God and desire to discover their calling through sound, biblical teaching.

We have a course for you

Whether you’re a semi-retiree looking to serve your local church, a student taking a gap year to understand more about the Bible through one of our diploma courses, or perhaps the kids are grown and you are considering Christian counselling as a career option, you have come to the right place.

Wherever you are in your journey, PBC has a course for you.

Download our course guide to find out which course would be best for you in your walk of faith.

Unsure what the right pathway is for you?
We’ll walk you through your options.

“The thing I loved most about PBC was the environment. We have a Christian community on campus, support from the lecturer, lovely students and fellowship. It has encouraged me to feel part of the community.”