Dr David Michie

Dr David Michie specialises in counselling at PBC and has been working in the field for 38 years in government and private sector roles. He has his own counselling service called Journeylines Counselling and Training and also works for the Ebenezer Aboriginal Corporation.

David believes that any individual’s capacity, skills or talents should be shared. He believes that abilities are not possessions but gifts to be stewarded for the sake of God and others.

David’s passion

David enjoys having meaningful conversations with people to explore possibilities.
He likes to see people as image bearers, to treat people justly, to treat people rightly and to treat people with care. He has a commitment to quality practice.

David lives out his passion for his work in his spare time too. He loves having conversations with people, exploring connections with Creation and engaging with ideas.

He is a keen diver, surfer and sailor and loves being on or near the water.

How does David think PBC equips students to serve God's purposes in our generation?

David believes there is a commitment to consider the reality of God in the reality of our existence in all its dimensions. There is a richly incarnational and embodied theology that does not just offer abstractions and ideas but offers a faith and an understanding of that faith which our identities are grounded in and which we can then live.

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“The thing I loved most about PBC was the environment. We have a Christian community on campus, support from the lecturer, lovely students and fellowship. It has encouraged me to feel part of the community.”