Nicholas van Rheede van Oudtshoorn

As a testament to how God uses people to do his work, Nicholas Van Rheede Van Oudsthoorn is PBC’s IT specialist and lecturer.

Nicholas, who has been working in his field for 25 years, has been looking after PBC’s IT systems since 1999.

He also pastors a church in Rockingham.

When asked what inspired him to pursue a career in education and ministry, Nicholas said that he is thrilled to be able to help people discover more about who God is and what it looks like to live in a relationship with Him.

“We serve an amazing God,” he says.

What Nicholas loves about his job

“There is a wonderful atmosphere at the college, with staff and students who are passionate about serving God.”

Nicholas values integrity and gentleness, and to be able to do what he does in an environment that nurtures these values is what he loves about serving at PBC.

Outside of college, Nicholas enjoys reading and playing the piano.

How does Nicholas think PBC equips students to serve God's purposes in our generation?

PBC equips students to serve God’s purposes in our generation by equipping them with theological depth and the skills to apply theology to everyday life.

PBC encourages students to explore the depths of who God is, what He has done, and their own depths as they live in a relationship with Him.

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“The thing I loved most about PBC was the environment. We have a Christian community on campus, support from the lecturer, lovely students and fellowship. It has encouraged me to feel part of the community.”