Prof Stefano Salemi

Professor Stefano Salemi is the Dean of Postgraduate Studies and Associate Professor of Biblical Languages, Studies and Theology at PBC.

As a celebrated biblical academic and scholar in biblical studies, languages and theology, Stefano specialises in the Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Biblical Exegesis, Hermeneutics, Hebrew and Greek Languages and Semantics, Biblical Theology, Systematic-Historical Theology, Reception History and Intertextual Studies. He possesses rare expertise as a multiple doctorate graduate from the UK and Italy.

Stefano’s academic background

Stefano holds research posts at various universities, including Harvard, Yale, Oxford, King’s College London, Sheffield, Jerusalem and Pretoria.

He is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has taught at various universities in the UK.

He is a research supervisor at the Sydney College of Divinity (where he also holds associate professor academic status), is a member of the Board of Examiners at the University of Oxford and of London, and is part of the theses examination team here in Australia and abroad.

Stefano is a research associate at the University of Pretoria, and a member of various research and scholar organisations and societies, including the Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies of the University of Sheffield, the Centre for Gospel and Acts Research (Sydney College of Divinity), Society of Biblical Literature, National Association of Professors of Hebrew, British New Testament Society, Society of Old Testament, European Association of Biblical Studies and others.

Stefano is also chair of the SBL unit Connecting John. His publications include books on Christ’s death in John (2014, 2023) on Hebrew semantics and Ezekiel (forthcoming), and on the Christology of the cross (forthcoming), and numerous contributions in volumes and journals.

Why Stefano chose a biblical and theological vocation

Stefano decided to pursue a career in Christian education as he is passionate about biblical and theological studies. He has been intrigued by the Bible, its content, languages and theology; his goal is to share this with others.

He loves collaborating and promoting growth in a Bible-centred context with his students, helping them understand Jesus’s love and sacrifice more fully.

Stefano sees his classroom and office, where he interacts with students and his colleagues, as a space for good communication, patience, kindness, empathy, respect, enthusiasm, group work and critical thinking.

Stefano enjoys music and singing. He loves exploring nature with his family and enjoys the arts, books, museums, travelling and cooking.

How does Stefano think PBC equips students to serve God's purposes in our generation?

“I believe that PBC is a place where Christian experience, ministerial formation and academic rigour combine in developing an interdisciplinary approach to the Bible with a converging impact on Christian ministry, life, practice and a spiritual-worshipping experience open to a multi-faith society.

At PBC, our students can engage with various innovative teaching methods. We encourage them to interface dynamically in an interdisciplinary environment.

PBC is a place where one could feel a strong sense of service and a comprehensive understanding of the needs of people. The college is where the skills and preparation for a successful Christian experience join together by equipping students with biblical knowledge, theological and exegetical tools, homiletic and rhetoric competencies, and leadership and academic competence.

PBC puts knowledge into practice and cares for its students during and beyond their academic experience. PBC is a family with the vision to help students reach their goals through positive and comprehensive support during their learning journey.”

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“The thing I loved most about PBC was the environment. We have a Christian community on campus, support from the lecturer, lovely students and fellowship. It has encouraged me to feel part of the community.”