Rev Stephen Poisat

Reverend Stephen Poisat is an ordained minister who has worked in leadership and community care roles in the NFP sector for 27 years.

He is the founding and current senior pastor of Redeemer Church in Perth (Churches of Christ, WA).

Steve is an accomplished theological leader, specialising in pastoral theology, ministry supervision and counselling. He has recently served as the Regional Director for the Australian Institute of Family Counselling (AIFC) for Western Australia. He was an associate lecturer in counselling with Stirling Theological College (Melbourne) and has also served as a Government School Chaplain for eight years.

Steve’s role at PBC

Steve is the Principal, program coordinator and lecturer for Pastoral Care and Counselling at PBC.

He is also a registered counsellor and professional supervisor (CCAA & ACA), having previously worked as a registered counsellor at Masters Psychology & Co. He currently offers professional supervision for ministers, chaplains and counsellors through his ministry at PBC.

His current ministry leadership and experience across the education and vocational ministry sector equips him to work with both those in Christian ministry and within the community sector.

How Steve became a lecturer

Steve chose to pursue a career in Christian ministry after getting involved with a Christian surfing club, where the club asked him to lead a weekly bible study. Although he would describe himself as shy, he found himself comfortable teaching the bible to his fellow surfers and helping them understand what it intends to teach.

Steve then enrolled for a Diploma of Ministry to better equip his mind with biblical theology.

Steve took up a pastoral role where he continued to study theology and counselling, opening doors into full-time tertiary education.

What Steve loves about his role

Steve loves the ongoing rewards and challenges of leadership, pastoral counselling and teaching. He lectures in pastoral theology and counselling and is pursuing further research (PhD) into the implications of biblical theology for professional Christian counselling.

“I love studying, discussing and teaching theology and psychology purely for fun. It’s a massive bonus to do this as my job!” says Steve.

“I get to co-lead a ministry to equip the church to serve God’s purposes in our generation.

I love seeing people grow and mature as they discover who they are as image-bearers of God, taking vocational and redemptive responsibility for themselves and whatever ministry field is entrusted to them.”

Steve values integrity, humility, responsibility, respect, transparency and strategic thinking. He appreciates empathy and visionary thinking in people.

As an individual who loves the outdoors, he is a keen surfer who enjoys skating, camping, fishing, four-by-fouring and feasting on a BBQ with his family and friends, especially his adult sons.

How Steve thinks PBC equips students to serve God's purposes in our generation

“We offer community-oriented biblical and theological studies that are gospel-centred and Kingdom-focused, designed to equip students in whatever season of life and/or ministry field they find themselves in.”

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“The thing I loved most about PBC was the environment. We have a Christian community on campus, support from the lecturer, lovely students and fellowship. It has encouraged me to feel part of the community.”