Exploring Christian counselling: what opportunities are available in this growing field?

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Counselling is a rewarding field for many who want to work in an area that gives them opportunities to help people through tough challenges.

Christian counselling in particular is a unique branch of this discipline that offers a variety of potential pathways and options.

PBC’s Christian counselling courses are a fantastic first step towards becoming a qualified counsellor, and here we explore how our courses set students up for a successful counselling career.

From diverse backgrounds and career pathways

The students who gain their Christian counselling qualification with us come from diverse backgrounds, ages and experiences. Many have had other careers – often in completely unrelated fields – and are looking to change fields into a more rewarding profession.

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Others have young families and are looking to re-enter the workforce, or have experienced difficulties throughout their lives and want to give back through a profession that would see them helping people on a daily basis.

While others still are looking for a role that allows them the flexibility to set their own hours and schedules and provides an opportunity to work remotely, for which Christian counselling is surprisingly suitable.

This wide range of experiences and valuable life lessons provides a fantastic foundation for a career in counselling. By drawing on these previous experiences and building on them through our Christian counselling courses, graduates find they offer a new level of understanding, hope and healing to their counselling clients.

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Christian counselling opportunities, benefits and growth potential

The image of a counsellor might have previously brought to mind a stern figure in a stuffed armchair, running sessions from a dusty office filled with books. But the modern application of counselling is anything but. Students who are considering following a Christian counselling pathway are surprised by the flexibility it provides.

Thanks to advancements in technology, counsellors can now manage highly successful clinics that practise completely remotely through video counselling. Not only does this offer desirable flexibility, but it also allows counsellors to service clients from locations further away, broadening their scope of support and success.

We’re also seeing a growing number of supports available to people thanks to a range of initiatives being provided by employers and government departments (through services like the NDIS, the hugely popular Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and government-funded Primary Health Networks).

Registered and degree-qualified counsellors can access these services to increase the types of benefits they can provide to their clients. Our Christian counselling courses allow all graduates to register with our PBC partners, the Australian Counselling Association.

But while counselling might be a popular field, it’s certainly not saturated. The number of people requiring mental health services is increasing at an unnerving rate. In a time when people are struggling more with feelings of loneliness, chronic stress and anxiety, it’s becoming more important than ever to ensure mental health support is accessible for all.


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The uniqueness of Christian counsellors

Christian counselling in particular can be ideal for people who feel more comfortable with a faith-based approach to mental health and wellbeing, but PBC trains Christian counsellors with the capacity to help people in the way they want to be helped, with or without a faith-based approach.

We do this through a unique curriculum that integrates the different areas of psychology, Christianity and emotional wellbeing.

Rather than studying each area separately, we intertwine strong, spiritual counselling approaches with secular psychology knowledge to teach students a way of helping people that considers who they are as a whole person.

This integration of pastoral counselling and mental health care means our students graduate with specialised training in both counselling and theology and the capacity to use spiritual and religious interventions such as prayer, scripture and forgiveness, along with the understanding that this is only one part of their counselling toolbox to use with those who elect for that style of support.

Our Christian counsellors support anyone, whether they have faith or no faith. Because above all, studying Christian counselling with PBC gives you knowledge of the various dimensions of human beings and the ability to provide holistic support, understanding and guidance.

Help bridge the gap between spiritual and emotional wellbeing

Christian counsellors graduate from PBC ready to work in this growing field. We encourage students to understand that faith and psychology are not in fact separate entities, but are two sides of the same coin, that spiritual growth and emotional wellbeing are inextricably linked.

By addressing these equally crucial areas of a person’s life, Christian counsellors help their clients achieve personal growth, lasting healing and expansive transformation.

If you’re looking for a rewarding career in a field that provides deep support and guidance to people who seek it, contact us to further explore the pathway that will empower you to do so.