Studying Theology: Growing in our relationship with God

Studying theology expands our understanding that we cannot objectify God as we do in the natural sciences – we cannot place Him under the microscope to determine His nature, His workings, or even His existence. God is a person, and we can only know Him through His decision to reveal Himself to us.

God’s revelation is more than just words; He shows us who He is through His actions. We are invited to know God through His historical acts of love on behalf of the world.

If you are seeking to understand your calling and desire to wrestle with your faith in a meaningful community, the Diploma of Ministry is a perfect place to start. With biblical and theological depth, plus practical action, it’s a great way to make a difference in life.

PBC believes that God inspired the authors of the Bible to interpret His actions in history faithfully and that He continues to use their authoritative interpretation to reveal Himself to us today. We can know God because He has made Himself knowable in Christ.

God’s Spirit continues to make God known through the faithful proclamation of the Biblical message. At PBC, we believe the Bible is the sole gateway leading us to a life-changing encounter with the living God.

Learning to trust God more fully

Getting to know God through Scripture involves more than learning new things about God. It means learning to trust God more fully. Our faith rests on God’s proven faithfulness through what He has done in the past and continues to do today through His presence with us in and through the Holy Spirit.

Only as we take the risk of entrusting our lives to God in the present and learn to rely on Him to accomplish the seemingly impossible in realizing His will on earth, can we grow in our relationship with God as a trustworthy and loving Father.

Getting to know God better is intrinsically linked to growing in hope. Hope involves embracing the future God has secured for us in Christ.

As people of hope, we are called to become agents of change in the world, dedicating ourselves to realizing God’s future Kingdom of love in our present context. It calls us to enlist in God’s cause, challenge the status quo, and participate with God to transform the world to reflect His loving care for all people.

Finally, we grow in our relationship with God by learning to love God more. The God we learn to love is the God who loves the world so much that He gave His only Son to die for it.

We grow in our relationship with God by learning to love the unloving and seemingly unlovable the way God does. God’s love anchors us to others in the church and the world and teaches us to love them well.

Different nationalities praying together in one table

Emphasising the loving relationship between us and God

When students study with us, they’ll find emphasis on the personal and loving relationships between us and God, as well as the student support they might need to fully and wholly trust God’s vision of a kingdom of love and a world transformed.

Further, students will tangle with philosophical questions and grapple with preconceived notions, while also being encouraged to contemplate their tangible life experiences and how God’s love, as revealed in Jesus, can challenge those experiences.

Studying theology challenges you to think differently, to explore and reflect on your calling.

Challenging and changing perspectives and beliefs

As we grow through life, our ideas of God grow alongside us. But sometimes we must question those beliefs in light of the scriptures and trim them where they no longer attest to the work of Christ as revealed in scripture.

Studying theology with PBC allows you to safely question and challenge those beliefs, helping you to understand what is helpful and harmful to your walk with the Lord.

We often hear our students having profound reflections during their theological studies, as the content covered is such that it encourages critical thinking as we consider scripture together. You’ll feel challenged in your beliefs within a safe, inclusive space and explore the depth and breadth of God’s love as revealed in the work of Christ.

As these shifts and perspectives occur, you’ll receive guidance towards a deeper connection with your faith and an understanding of the dependence on God that we all have.

We understand the challenge of rethinking what you know, but we have also seen the brilliance of a shifting mindset and how that better serves our students, empowers them as Christian leaders and furthers the spread of the gospel.

Studying theology is transformational

Our students often begin their journey with us having different goals and objectives than those they leave with.

Some join us because they feel called to, some are looking to further their studies and some are just hungry to know more. This is an incredibly exciting journey for each student and the team here at PBC.

However, we like to emphasise that those who study theology with us aren’t simply receiving an education. They’re learning how to think critically and deeply, as well as how to direct their curiosity upwards, inwards and outwards to their relationship with God, themselves and others.

And while such knowledge and skills are integral to leading a faith-based life, that’s not what you should strive for. Instead, aim to learn how that knowledge will guide you towards achieving the end goal: fulfilling your call to share the good news of Jesus.

Are you ready to explore and deepen your relationship with God?

We offer our Diploma of Ministry in a hybrid learning environment through both online and on-campus formats, and we welcome overseas students as well. It’s an ideal opportunity to gain a new perspective both with yourself and your connection with faith.

If you’re eager to explore, engage and understand your calling, then contact us to discuss your course options today!