Theology is more than a set of ideas

Christian group having a bible study

Theology is more than a set of ideas. It involves a personal encounter with the living God.

The study of theology is a vehicle to get to know God deeply and, in doing so, to know His love and to love Him with greater intensity.

Loving God radically transforms our lives, and Christian ministry transcends sharing abstract theological ideas about God with others. God wants to use our burning enthusiasm for the gospel to touch the world with His love.

At PBC, our classes are more than relaying theological information. Theology is not something we can merely learn from the outside; it is something we need to internalise through practice. It involves the whole of our being, head, heart and hands. We are called to embody the reality of God’s love through our thinking, actions, values and service.

Group of Christians praying together with their hands on their bible

Studying theology is a challenging path

Studying theology is a challenging path. The intense study affects the core of our existence. The Old Testament refers to the heart as the centre of our thinking, feelings and desires – thence, God’s promise to put a new heart into His people.

Paul refers to the “renewing of our minds” to indicate how theology invites us to rethink all our previously held certainties, which can be painful.

We must learn to resist the temptation to force God’s word to fit our existing certainties – and embark on a scary journey into the unknown.

At PBC we provide a safety net. All our lecturers sign a confession of faith to provide a broad theological framework within which to teach theology.

Man hand with Bible praying

Seeing reality through God’s eyes

Seeing reality through God’s eyes calls us to reorientate our lives radically. Theology, for instance, affects our experience of time. Through His resurrection, Christ opened a new future for believers. The vision of who we are called to become radically affects how we understand ourselves in the present. We are no longer held captive by our past but invited into a new future.

This calls for a radical transformation of our hopes and expectations.

Studying theology at PBC can be disruptive. Our students are called to “take every thought captive” and test it against God’s revelation in scripture. Studying theology challenges the whole of our existence, but it does so in a way that invites us to love God more, respond to the gospel gratefully and worship God sincerely for who He is and for all He has done for us.

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